Our Approach to Standardized Tests

Standardized tests purport to test specific language or scholastic skills such as reading, speaking, or critical reasoning. However, performance on these tests is also influenced significantly by two additional skills, the first of which is the ability to confront unfamiliar topics, which is especially relevant to tests that require reading lengthy passages on diverse subject matter. The second skill is general test-taking ability, which involves self-pacing and stress management.

At Summit, we take all three of these skills into account when we prepare test-takers for international exams. Instead of subjecting learners to an endless battery of practice tests, vocabulary drills and essay templates, we focus on skill-building, reviewing and learning from mistakes, and finding a set of test-taking strategies that works for each student. We frequently go beyond typical “test-prep” materials in order to encourage our students to hone their skills independently, without reliance on any single textbook. We apply this general approach to all our preparatory classes for standardized international exams. 


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