Message from CEO

Summit Education Services (SES) started as a response to a question that many have asked us throughout our lives: How did you do it? They asked us this when we scored in the top percentiles on standardized exams, when we gained entry to our dream schools abroad, when we graduated with honors and distinctions, when we found gainful employment in the US, and again, when we leveraged our education and experience abroad to find even greater success and happiness back home.

Our answer to this question is quite simple: learn how to learn. Our mission at Summit is to help others learn how to learn, so that they may take proactive steps toward securing a better future for themselves.

What does it mean to learn how to learn? It means that one must approach learning as a way of thought and practice, rather than as a series of finite tasks. It is all too easy nowadays to fall into the trap of preparing for an international exam by doing endless practice questions, memorizing the definitions to hundreds of words or formulas, or relying on “tips and tricks” for solving problems that demand ingenuity and original thought. At Summit, we understand the reasons behind the use of such tactics, but feel that they ultimately leave students and professionals none-the-wiser after the exam and even ill-prepared for future success. Our method is to approach every exam question, every item of academic coursework, as an opportunity for developing our ability to think analytically, critically, creatively.

We are dedicated to helping learners motivate themselves, defining and clarifying their objectives and goals, and developing strategies for reaching the summit of their lives. To this end, we offer flexible learner-centered courses, rigorous and thought-provoking class activities, and constant support and counseling. 


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