Academic English Program

English is the gateway to an ever-expanding universe of knowledge, learning, and culture. For students who have had limited or no contact with this universe, the breadth of academic subjects available at overseas schools can be disorienting, especially if these students must also struggle with their English skills. To address this concern, Summit has developed an Academic English program that accustoms students to learning, thinking, and expressing themselves in English on a wide variety of academic topics.
The program provides students with a rigorous learning process combined with a supportive environment that is attuned to individual needs and concerns. Using actual academic course materials, Summit provides motivated students a broad survey of disciplines that are typically found in the best colleges and universities in the US, including:
        Fine Arts
        Social Science

In addition to reading and understanding college-level texts and literature, students develop crucial skills such as analytical writing, participation in presentations and debates, and, most importantly, critical thinking.


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